Saturday, May 14, 2011

Abstractions V

The abstract piece I painted last week has two new friends.

They all live together.  Therefore, they really look like this:
The dark brown paint (Van Dyke Brown, to be exact) looks pretty black so I suspect these will end up in black lacquer frames.  Mmmm -- shiny.

Today is another bright sunny day and it was a busy one at work.  I hope to get my third Kermit run of the week this afternoon - the 4 miles I intended to run yesterday but didn't because I was here late.  I think channeling superior muppet mojo will be a good thing for me; my second 3-miler was better than the first, and today will be the best yet.  Now if I can just master the whole getting up early to run before work concept.

Our meeting on Monday is a go -- keep your fingers crossed.

Still haven't heard whether my painting sold last night, but this little guy sold this afternoon:

All in all, I am ending the work week on a high note.

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