Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Three Little Birds

I have decided something.

But first, the back story.  Ages and ages ago (or at least a year, year and a half) I got in a phase where I painted all these birds.  They are based on one prototype that I still have in my sketchbook.  I think his name is Marvin.  Or Melvin.  These were called Birds With Words, because each one is carrying a fortune like a little sign.  Exhibit A follows:

This one says, "Time makes one wise.  Ask advice from someone older than you."  I have a really funny one at home about politics.  Anywho, I like the bird.  And when I am able to paint bigger pieces I plan on incorporating this guy into each one, somewhere, somehow.

This brings me to my decision.  Two days ago it became ridiculously clear that my new business venture is going to be called Three Little Birds.  Yep.  That's it.  Three Little Birds.  Why?  Three - it's a magic number.  Just ask Jack Johnson.  And not only do I get to keep my birds, but it is also the name of my favorite Bob Marley song.  And remember, old Bob is good for the soul.

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