Saturday, February 5, 2011

And now for something completely different

I haven't posted in a week but that doesn't mean I have been a total slacker for a week.  Just most of a week.  We had two nights of BITTER, BITTER cold and that called for some total hibernation time.  I read a couple of books.  I ate some cookies.  And I painted a few things.  The jury is still out on these -- I like the first one; I think I like the second one; the third and fourth are ... not sure yet.  Derek likes them.  As my agent, I respect his opinion.  Other people who have seen them at work have liked them.  We'll see.

The first two are painted on 6x12 canvas, the third is a 6x8 canvas and the fourth is an 8x10 canvas panel (it will need a frame).  The fourth one is also cropped poorly.  I need a new photographer (note to self - you're fired).

Thoughts?  Opinions?

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