Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is the amount of money I spent today furthering my art career.  I bought a bunch of el cheapo paint (and a container to hold it all) and I am giddy.  PLUS, I sold another painting yesterday, so now I can afford to buy more canvas, varnish and some GOOD paint.  Dick Blick will be hearing from me tomorrow. 

The painting I sold wasn't one I intended to sell; I didn't like the background so had it sitting in a pile of stuff on my table.  When I decided to use it for an experiment, the paper piled on top of it stuck, and left tiny bits of white on the paint.  Oops.  After my experiment, I kinda liked it but still considered it an accident so I took it to work, framed it and gave it to Roxie.  I loved it once it was framed.  But Tracy saw it at work and loved it too.  Said he needed it.  I was conflicted, but let him buy it.  I can't keep everything, right?  Look for it in tomorrow's post - the one in the loud gold frame.  Now I am trying to paint a replacement so Poodle knows I still love her.

Poodle face and I went for a run outside for the first time in about four months.  It was beautiful.  So far I am 16 down, 984 to go!  I am going to SMASH this goal.  Heh heh.  In my dreams.

$12.65.  And a run outside.  It is a good day.

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