Saturday, January 15, 2011

Molding Paste

The first painting I ever sold was a little snowman.  It looked pretty much like this one.

I sold it on February 20, 2008.  Every time Linda comes in to the gallery she says, "Remember me?  I bought your little snowman!"

I think my favorite part of painting is the texture.  That's why I love molding paste.  It is kinda like shaving cream, and the type I use is mostly hard when it dries.  If you poke it there is a little bit of give.  I haven't used molding paste in ages, but I'm feeling the itch and am waiting for inspiration to strike.  So far, I have used it in Valentines:

(pardon the bad picture - I think I did this in the scanner); and this fish, which I love:

and the snowmen.  Here's another one:
The red is supposed to symbolize their hearts (note the heart in the top right corner) but after I finished I thought it made these poor guys look like gunshot victims.  Derek had it hanging in the gallery with a nametag that said "CSI: North Pole."  heh heh.

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