Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Combo Platter

Yep, so I did something potentially cool the other night.  I wanted to paint more pieces that don't need to be framed, so I copied something I had seen here at work.  Here is the prototype:
I painted the background on a piece of paper, then painted the trees.  I also painted the sides and front of a stretched canvas.  Then I "glued" the paper onto the canvas and voila!  Paper AND canvas.  A combo platter.  I added a little texture to the sides of the canvas so they wouldn't be 100% boring.  I don't know if you will be able to see it in this picture:

So there is my prototype.  This one is only 5 x 7, so I need to work on bigger sizes.  Getting the paper down on the canvas without air bubbles is going to be an interesting challenge.

I also painted a larger tree piece on paper to be framed and hung here in the gallery that is WAY COOL.  And last night I did the background for my largest painting to date.  Hope that one works out.

Gotta go pick up Chinese food for dinner.
Not getting the combo platter.

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