Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It was WICKED cold here last night.  So cold, I slept under a blanket and two comforters, wearing a fleece hat, tank top and turtleneck, fleece jacket, fleece pajama pants and brand new fleece socks.  This morning I had no hot water in my studio.  Translation:  this morning I had no hot water in my kitchen.  My landlord got a little heat on the pipe and all is now well, but it was a bad deja vu moment.  I had frozen pipes where I was living two years ago, and that led to a frightful experience with bursting pipes.  Thankfully disaster has been averted this time around.

Anyway, it was too cold to paint last night.  When I got home from Crossfit I had enough energy to make a quick dinner and eat it while sitting on the couch under a blanket with poodle face, reading a book I just got from the library.  A book that starts out explaining the embalming process - really excellent dinner-time reading.  But right before I went to bed I felt bad about not painting.  I hadn't even varnished a finished piece, and that would have taken mere moments.  So I added another layer to a 5 x 7 canvas panel and ... I think I wrecked it.  In the spirit of "nothing is a failure" (see previous post), I am going to varnish this little piece when it dries, call it Shipwreck, and see if it grows on me.  I might post a picture.  I might not.

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